New DS Latin Demo

I have finished implementing nouns and adjectives.  My little demo should include a word of each type for testing.  If you have an adjective, you have a 10% chance of a encountering a special form, such as an adverb, comparative or superlative form.  So stay focused!

I know some of these words don’t actually have a comparative form, but the code will still generate it (hey, this code is still a work in progress, and the dictionary is far from finalized, or even started!).

Even though it’s not the form that I’m most used to, I’m using ‘i’ as the third declension adjective’s ablative form.  I prefer ‘e,’ just like nouns.  But I’m going on my gut feeling that most people are purists and are expecting ‘i.’

You have to be honest when answering if you defined the word correctly or not.   If you tell the program you answered improperly, you should see it pop up a few more times until the meaning is drilled into your brain.

As always, post your impressions.  If it sucks, let me know.  If it’s missing something, let me know.

Up next, the most difficult of all, verbs!


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